SMARTNAV Ltd is one of Europe’s most experienced company in IoT services with a proven history that has been gained over the past 15 years in the telecommunications industry, being exclusive provider of IoT services to  Mobile Operator Companies, supporting  big companies and even Governments. SMARTNAV prides itself on its exceptional products and the commitment to excellent customer service support. We have built our own systems from the ground up over this period with the help of real business to find commercial solution appropriate for their particular needs.

It was only natural to expand our products and services to the consumer market by launching three innovative products for cars, motorcycles and boats.


SMARTracker series consists of two gps trackers devices which are the smallest in the world, can be easily installed on a car, motorcycle or boat without the help of a technician. In addition, you have the ability to monitor in real time via PC or mobile, get reports on routes and stops that have been made any day up to one month back. You will also receive alerts  with push notifications and emails in case of theft, device removal, traffic outside of predetermined zones and hours, and speeding. Finally, with the anti-theft feature which arms and disarms the alarm wirelessly through your cellphone, you are alerted  immediately in case of violation or movement without your presence. The GPS Tracker SMARTracker series consists of:


A powerful Plug&Play system with integrated Global SIM card, anti-theft capabilities and satellite tracking with accident detector and driver behavior features and easy installation by plugging it directly to the vehicle’s OBD2 port.

Smartracker OnBatt

A powerful system with  integrated Global SIM card, very low consumption, waterproof, integrated alarm capabilities and satellite tracking, designed for the harsh environment, with easy installation by connecting it to the vehicle’s battery poles,operating voltage 9-90 volt  for all types of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, boats,  e-bikes, e-scooters


Maintenance of permanent and deep relationship of trust with customers, continuous improvement of the software for providing integrated and quality services in response to changing customer needs and maintaining the vanguard against the competition.


Scientific training and high-level expertise, years of experience, continuous education and ceaseless research and friction with the technologies and their evolution, resulting in the continuous improvement of software, new product development and the ability to develop specific solutions and applications based on the requirements. SMARTNAV offers high quality services at very competitive price because of using open source tools which are supported and developed by SMARTNAV. The development environment and operating services are based on Linux operating system and the digital map used is  Google maps enterprise edition


SMARTNAV has a well organized technical department and service centers with affordability 6/7 days a week.


SMARTNAV is certified by ISO 9001:2015 for

  • Software Development Telematics Systems and Fleet Management
  • Configuration, installation and maintenance of telematics and telemetry
  • Provision of telematic services & telemetry

SMARTNAV cooperates with RACKSPACE which is certified with ISO 27001:2013 for maximum protection as the data is stored in more than two different data centers with SUN STORAGE where all services are provided to its customers and are installed and operating all the servers and storage devices in fail over order. Access to applications developed by SMARTNAV via web or mobile phone using exclusive (dedicated) access network.


The company’s expertise includes areas: GPS, GSM / GPRS, Bluetooth, embedded web, data acquisition, canbus, rfid application development and RDBMS.

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